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About Our Service

Do you need a professional chimney sweep in Surrey? Chimney Sweep UK can get the job done. We are a network of professionally trained and fully insured chimney sweeps servicing all of the UK.

We have sweeps working within Surrey, available seven days a week. We work quickly and efficiently, at competitive rates, so that you can be assured of the highest quality service.

We offer:

Chimney Cleaning

Our specialist uses brush and rods to clean the inside of your chimney and an industrial-sized vacuum filter to collect the soot. After sweeping, we carry out a smoke test to check the draw of the chimney. This is to ensure that the gases and fumes are vented out of the flue freely. Smoke testing is also done to identify any existing faults, such as damage that would cause the flue to leak and fumes to escape into the room. If we spot any damage, then repair/relining and retesting will be necessary. We will present a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping upon completion of a job.

Chimney Lining

If your chimney currently has no flue liner, if it was installed incorrectly or if it is deteriorating or faulty, it is highly recommended that you line your flue. A liner offers additional protection to the interior of your chimney and allows the gases, fumes and vapour to be released effectively out of your home. If your chimney is defective, some appliances cannot be fitted without a liner. There different types and width sizes of liners, depending on your needs. Feel free to ask our specialists for advice and guidance.

Clean, Safe Chimneys

A chimney requires regular cleaning to keep it in full working order. If you burn coal, gas or oil, we recommend that you clean your chimney or flue at least once a year. If you burn wood, we suggest that the chimney should be cleaned at least twice a year.

Over time, soot and grime can clog your chimney. This creates dark smoke and traps noxious gases, which may be harmful when inhaled. To keep your chimney in good working order, our team of professional Surrey sweeps systematically clear blockages and soot. A clean chimney burns more efficiently and produces less smoke, which is better for your health and the environment.

Trained and Professional Chimney Sweeps

Each one of our Surrey sweeps are fully trained, approved chimney sweeps. We are registered with the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS) and the Guild of Sweeps, which are two of the largest governing and regulating bodies of chimney sweeps in the UK.

Our sweeps are also approved by the Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme(HETAS), so you can rest easy knowing that you are employing competent, skilled and fully qualified chimney experts.

Friendly, Clean Service

Chimney SweepUK takes great care to work cleanly and efficiently. We protect your furniture and carpets to ensure that your home remains clean and spotless.

Our sweeps are always ready to extend their services and have a friendly, helpful attitude to ensure that your needs are met.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our registered and approved chimney sweeps undergo rigorous training to ensure that they work quickly and safely, without compromising the quality of their work.

On average, our turnaround time is just three days. We will also present a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping upon the completion of a job.

Our Surrey chimney sweeps are available seven days a week. Contact us on 0203 011 0370 or send us an email at info@chimneysweepuk.co.uk today for inquiries.

All Our sweepers are members of recognised

All Our sweepers are members of recognised

ICS-governig-body guild-of-sweeps HETAS

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