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About Our Service

Every chimney is different and will require a tailored approach to successfully clear it of soot deposits and other blockages. Chimney Sweep UK has years of experience working with different types of chimneys, servicing Liverpool and other areas in the North West of England.

Highly trained and experienced, our chimney sweeps are masters in the field of chimney maintenance and venting. This allows us to provide you with cost-effective solutions for any problems that may arise. We remove deposits, blockages and excess soot, keeping your chimney clean and safe.

For proper chimney maintenance, our chimney sweeps in Liverpool offer the following services:

Chimney Cleaning

We use industrial vacuums to clear away the soot as we clean the inside of your chimney. We use chimney brush and rods to brush your flue, either from the roof or the hearth, depending on the job. After sweeping, we put a smoke pellet in the opening to test the draw of the chimney. When all of this is completed, we provide you with a HETAS certificate.

Smoke Testing

We carry out smoke testing to ensure gases will rise freely through the flue and identify faults if there are any. Damage to the flue may lead to leakage and cause fumes to escape into the room. This makes it necessary to repair/reline and retest defective flues. Our team performs all of these in adherence to current building regulations and appropriate European and British standards.

Flue Lining

Considering the dangers of unlined chimneys, it is advisable to line your flue. If your chimney is old or has deteriorated, some appliances cannot be fitted. Lining your flue also reduces the risk of chimney fire and carbon monoxide entering your property. There are various types of width sizes of liner, depending on your fire of choice. Feel free to ask us for details.

Excellent Results at Competitive Prices

Chimney Sweep UK provides outstanding results at competitive prices. We work quickly and never compromise on quality.

All of our sweepers are members of the top chimney sweeping regulating and governing bodies, including the Guild of Sweeps, the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS) and the Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme (HETAS). This means our work is only carried out by competent, highly trained individuals.

We offer some of the best prices on the market —our rates start at just £65.00 — and we promise excellent results.

Quick, Efficient Service

We sweep chimneys in a quick and efficient manner. Our sweeps are always punctual and arrive at the agreed upon time so that you do not have to spend the day waiting for us.

Our Liverpool sweeps are available seven days a week, with an average turnaround time of only three working days. Upon completion of every job, we will present you with a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping.

Friendly, Conscientious Service

Our sweeps are helpful, friendly and ready to share their expertise. We will answer any questions that you may have and will reply promptly

We respect your home and take great care to protect your carpets, furniture and walls. We only use the latest sweeping equipment to prevent any soot and dust from escaping while we clean. Then, we will pack everything up and leave the place as spotless as when we first encountered it.

Punctual, polite and professional, Chimney Sweeps UK promises friendly and conscientious service.

Get in touch with us at any time by calling us on 0203 011 0370 or sending an email to info@chimneysweepuk.co.uk. We will be happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions that you may have about our Liverpool rates. We look forward to serving you soon.

All Our sweepers are members of recognised

All Our sweepers are members of recognised

ICS-governig-body guild-of-sweeps HETAS

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