Frequently Asked Question

On this page we have collated some of our most frequently asked questions by our customers. If you don't find all the answers on this page then as always feel free to contact us on 0203 011 0370.

Will it make a mess?

We use clean sheets that go in front of the fireplace and then have a dust sheet that covers the fireplace with a hoover attachment that slips through the dust sheet preventing any dust getting past. We always respect peoples homes ensuring we leave them as we find them.

Are your sweepers trained?

Yes, all our sweepers are fully trained and insured. This means our service is the very best and carried out
by trained professionals. We issue a completion certificate for every job we complete.

Will you need to access the roof?

No, everything we do is carried out at the base of your chimney breast. We use extendable poles to ensure
our brushes reach right to the top of the chimney.

Do I still need a chimney sweep if I have a stove?

Although stoves are usually more efficient, they still produce soot. The flue can still become clogged with
soot especially during winter periods, this leads to a slower burn and increased chance of smoke entering
the property and soot coming down! We recommend that you have your stoves swept and
inspected annually.