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East Sussex Chimney Sweep

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  • Fully trained and insured

About Our Service

It does not matter whether you have a fireplace, a coal stove, or a gas burner — soot and deposits can build up in your chimney and cause smoke and gases to travel back down into your home. These gases can be harmful to your health, and blockages may spark a chimney fire.

Keep your chimney clean and fully functional with professional chimney sweeping services from Chimney Sweep UK. We work in East Sussex and throughout South East England.

Each one of our sweeps is a highly trained professional, with a keen eye for detail and a friendly demeanour. We work quickly and cleanly, making sure that your chimney is properly cleared and restored to 100 per cent efficiency.

A Clean, Clear Chimney

Even if you have a gas burner, you will need to have your chimney swept at least once a year. Our chimney sweeps use the latest equipment and approved techniques, for excellent results every time.

Our sweeps are always courteous and understand how important it is to keep your home clean and spotless. We take every measure to ensure that your furniture and carpets are protected, and that no dust or soot escapes into the air.

Chimney Sweep UK respects your home and keeps it clean and tidy.

Fully Trained and Insured

All of our chimney sweeps undergo rigorous training and tests. They are approved by the UK's leading chimney sweep governing bodies, including the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS), the Heating Equipment Testing & Approval Scheme (HETAS) and the Guild of Sweeps. They are fully insured and have all the necessary certifications to work as professional sweeps.

This ensures that you are getting excellent service at the most competitive prices. All of our sweeps issue a certificate recognised by leading insurance companies in East Sussex.

Quick Turnaround

We sweep chimneys in a highly efficient manner, allowing us to work quickly and offer a fast turnaround. On average, we complete a job within three days of your call, depending on the extent of the work required. We are always punctual and polite, arriving on site at the agreed upon time.

Contact us today to get your quote. We are available seven days a week, servicing all of East Sussex. Call now on 0203 011 0370 or email us at info@chimneysweepuk.co.uk.

All Our sweepers are members of recognised

All Our sweepers are members of recognised

ICS-governig-body guild-of-sweeps HETAS

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